Since the introduction of Daisa Foods Packaging Company Limited as a new player in the Nigerian Agricultural / Food processing industry, our main aim has been to be recognized as the world’s best food company, delivering quality, integrity and customer satisfaction first; while maintaining the lead in innovation using today's technology. Sustainability remains an integral part of how we do business.

With the nation’s economy largely dependent on Oil / Gas and with the recent trend of Green & Eco-friendly business models; the need for sustainable growth is the only acceptable model of growth for our business. Our goal is to maintain a green environmental impact, while at the same time increasing our positive social/economic impact.

We realize that innovation is key our progress, and using cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art equipment's; we’re constantly pushing the boundaries and enhancing our brands by improving on what is already obtainable.

Here at Daisa Foods Packaging Company Limited, we understand that there is alot more to the power of food, it connects people, unites cultures and enrich daily life. That is why we are taking bold steps towards transforming the food industry by surpassing standards and pushing the limits.

We position ourselves today to be one of the world’s leading producers of healthy, convenient foods for every eating occasion. Ours will be a brand associated with happy, healthy life for generations to come.


To be the industry leader in processing and distribution of farm produce.


To provide world class processed farm produce at competitive rates while creating opportunities for employment, growth and a healthy environmental impact.